Friday, March 26, 2010

Sneaking one in

I awoke early to a steady snow this morning. As a point of reference, it was 65 here yesterday, sunny and beautiful. My friends are here for the conference, two of them sleeping just a few feet from where I type this.

The past two days I have been feeling a bit down about my weight loss progress. Setting aside that I'd lost 20 lbs so far in just a few months, I was frustrated with the fact of how simple it is to put pounds back on. I was worried that a weekend like this where it's essentially one big party with friends, food, and beer; that I'd wind up back where I started.

Thankfully, both my wife and my willpower started to kick back in yesterday, with a hard core bike interval workout. 17 miles in 1:05; with some real hard sections. The workout I find to be the most difficult is what Rachelle calls an ILT, which involves pedaling with one leg for 20 seconds, both legs for 10 seconds, and the other leg for 20 seconds and so on. We do 3 sets of 3 minutes each, and by the end of that, my legs just want to run away. After those segments Im all to happy to do hard segments that involve both legs.

The good news from sneaking that workout in last night amongst all my other tasks is that I saw 315 on the scale this morning. Obviously, this gives me some courage for the rest of the weekend. I'm still shooting for 312 this month, and I think I can get there.

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