Friday, February 18, 2011

Bachelor weekend starts of right & my Xterra wetsuit is haunting me

It's the last weekend of the regular season for NCAA women's hockey, and it takes the BU Terriers to Maine. Orono, Maine to be precise, a long bus ride from Boston, for a pair of games against U Maine. The games are tonight and tomorrow, and to ensure on-time arrival, the team leaves for Maine on Thursday. This leaves me a bachelor for almost 3 full days.

Rather than spend this weekend hunkered down in the house eating junk food and playing games (which part of me really wants to do), I'm going to do my darndest to get outside, and barring that at least spend a good amount of time in the gym. Unlike the past two weekends, I vow to not eat like crap and gain weight that I then have to fight twice as hard to get off later in the week.

Last night, after a long phone battle with T-Mobile that i can proudly say I won, saving Rachelle and I over $200, I wound up getting home too late to enjoy the gorgeous 60 degree day on the back of my bicycle. So after a dinner of moderate portions, I went over to FitRec and put in 95 minutes on the bike.

What I love about the bike is that I somehow find a way to push through being hot and tired and sore. Being on the bike, even one that isn't going anywhere is a form of exercise I enjoy, or at least don't mind. I wound up doing 23 miles, and feeling pretty good. I pushed myself a little bit at times, but it was mostly about starting to lay in a better base, averaging 15 MPH for the most part with a pedal cadence of slightly less than 90.

I've basically been giving myself 2 days off from working out, each week, Friday and Saturday, and reinforcing that with less than healthy food choices. While I didn't get through the Morning of Temptation unscathed; I still have 5 more meals to make good choices at before Rach gets back. Plus, I'm going to keep myself busy cleaning the car and the house, and making time to do some writing for the gaming site that I am seriously behind on.

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