Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Week of Awesome - Day 4 (It's STILL awesome)

The Week of Awesome continues, and let me just say; it really is awesome. I'm cramming a lot into todays post because tomorrows post is special and important. It relates to my efforts for Team Fight, and it gives you my readers a new and fun reason to help.

Yesterday, I had a "food episode". Lunch was significantly more calories than it should have been, and I wound up with an upset stomach that lasted most of the day. When I got home I rested. Rather than beating myself up over the poor food choice, I just worked myself out over it. I waited until my stomach settled and hit the gym around 8:30. I did my scheduled workout on the track, which went surprisingly well again considering how I'd felt all day. I used my Garmin 305 to capture my run, and I'm using the C25K plan on my Android so I have a plan to follow.

Then it was off to the pool for my first swim in quite a while, almost a month actually. I wasn't surprised that I felt slow and fat, but I pushed through anyways, because it's time to start swimming with regularity. I did 100 yds kick and 100 yds pull as a warm-up and then turned on my Swimsense for as much freestyle as I could get in the half hour before the pool closed. I wound up doing 600 yards, broken out as such:


My average time per 100 was 2:39 which is pretty darn good for a month off at the pool. I rested some between intervals, so it's just a matter of building my stamina back up so I can do it all in one effort. That won't be a problem, and I'll be swimming miles in no time. Plus, the Swimsense captured my workout accurately, so the entire trip to the gym was a success.

Oh, and i got a package this week. I have been trying to wind down my personal spending as much as possible prior to some more important events this spring and to pay for some race entries. But I just couldn't wait anymore to buy Chasing Legends, a movie about the 2009 Tour de France, where the camera crew followed the HTC-Columbia team for the entire race.

Now was the right time to buy it because I learned that in just a short bit of time I'll be getting a trainer. Jamie Bull, a former Wheelworks Teammate (who like the awesome Caratunk Girl is now a member of Team Trakkers), has offered me his current trainer when he upgrades in a few weeks. Jamie has a terrific post on his terrific blog about making giving back a higher priority this season. It turns out I'll be a recipient of some of that giving back, with only a request that I "pay it forward". You can be sure that I will. I love my hand me down rollers, and I'll love my hand me down trainer equally I'm sure.

(As an aside, I am reminded my "Readers Who Write" page is woefully out of date. I promise to fix that this weekend. If you read, and want on my blog list, just leave me a comment. Thanks)

Finally for today, I found a site I want to share with any athletes out there. is a site that rewards you for exercising. You sign up for free, and register your training devices and social networks. Then, every time you check in at your gym with foursquare you earn points. Every time you upload a workout from Garmin (or Nike+, or fitbit), you earn points (unless like me, you do a run with the watch set as a bike, then you need customer support to help you get your points). Earn enough points, and you get free stuff, like gift certificates for clothing, shoes, or custom made energy bars. Frankly, it's another AWESOME motivator for getting to the gym.


- Im totally going to have a great weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers, but tomorrows post is too important to wait for that announcement, so I'll post in the morning and update the post with notes later in the day following my weigh in.


  1. Can't wait to read about tomorrow.
    I hope you week of awesome turns into a March of Awesome. Keep it going!

  2. Glad you are having such an awesome week! I hope it continues.

  3. I read & I would love to be on your blogroll, hooray! You make me feel like getting connected tot he tri community here in NY, but I'm kind of scared!

  4. HEY YOU are awesome. Thanks for the mention.

    So happy you are having an awesome week!

  5. Ms. Duffy, I'll have you added tomorrow or sunday.

    Caratunk Girl - thanks. its really been a great week. im only feeling so so tonight, but ill be fine in the morning.