Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Team Fight: Take 2

I heard this morning that some people haven't been able to view my video from yesterday. In case you missed it, I am attempting to put your our money where my mouth body is (or something like that), by raising funds for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Before I decided on this path I took into account several factors (the economy, the quality of the charity, and the weight of an unladen african swallow), as well as my ability to meet the minimum requirements. I know I'm putting some extra burden on both you guys and me, but I know we can do it.

Plus, most importantly; if I raise money to do this race, I have to train hard enough to be able to finish. I've never swam 2 miles, I've never biked more than 60, and my half-marathon times are SLOW. Imagine what my marathon time would be right now (Can you measure time in Light Years?) We may get man (or at least monkeys) back to the moon before I would finish a marathon right now.

So, why should you help? Why bet money on me, a triathlete of sloth-like proportions (that's one BIG sloth). Simple, it's not about me. It's about helping teens and young adults, helping them and their families to have support during one of the most trying times of their lives. When Rachelle's cousin Rebecca was fighting her battle with cancer, she had family, friends, and lots of support. Not every family has that. That's what this is about. Supporting the young people who are fighting the disease, and helping the people looking for a cure to have the money they need to do it.

As for why you should do it through my fundraising page as opposed to anyone elses? Well, if you know me, you obviously like me. Because seriously, I'm pretty awesome. And if you like me, you want to see me be successful. But let's say you're my ex-mother-in-law, or Satan, or Kareem Abdul-Jabar, and you hate me (I don't know what it is with Kareem, but I've always had the feeling he just doesn't like me); wouldn't you love to be able to see me spend 17 or so hours suffering? I mean wouldn't it be great to watch me have to ride a bike for 100 miles, or run/walk 26 miles while all around me people are riding roller coasters and eating double cheeseburgers? That's some epic suffering right there. Maybe I can put a double cheeseburger in my special needs bag....

In closing, I won't be beating people over the head with this, but I will be adding a box where you can see where I am towards my goal on the blog, and thanking donors (Yay Bengi!) along the way. Please help me reach my goal, I don't want to have to call a loanshark. I promise to train really hard, eat my vegetables, and try to make nice with Mr. Abdul-Jabar.


- BU played BC in the ladies Beanpot Tournament last night and lost. BEtween attending the game and getting rach to and from the rink, I didn't get a chance to work out last night. First night in a while, so I'm excited to be back at it today.

- Yesterdays rain really didn't start until it was too late for me to get out and use my Amphibx Fit armband. But with cold and snow looming, I will in the next couple days.

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