Monday, February 7, 2011

I escaped!

Yesterday, I rode my bike for almost 5 miles... outside! We had a slightly warmer weekend than we've been having, and the major roads are mostly dry with no ice. I couldn't find the full fingered gloves I could wear with my bike gloves, which was the only reason I wasn't out there for a lot longer. Everything else was up for a longer ride, but my fingers were starting to hurt pretty bad. Spring is coming, and I can't wait.

Unfortunately, between now and then will be a lot more snow and rain. H2O Audio was kind enough to send me their new Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband for smartphones to review. Of course, the day after I got it, the weather turned warmer. That changes tomorrow with a couple inches of snow, and I'll be out running in it in the morning to start testing it with the weather. This time, Rach and I will both be testing it with my Android G2 and her iPod Touch.

Our Super Bowl plans were simple; we stayed home and watched the game. We baked some chicken drumsticks (not breaded) and I put a little BBQ sauce and Blue Cheese dressing on them. Those and some fries (also baked) allowed us to have a pretty healthy but fun dinner. Following subway for lunch and some new shredded wheat for breakfast, it was easily the healthiest Super Bowl day I've had in a long time.


- This is the week I've targeted for starting to increase my workout mileage It's about 4 months out from our taper period for Patriot, and our half-iron training plan is a 4 month plan, so it's time.

- Dave Scott, 6 time winner of the Ironman World Championship was kind enough to send me a shout out over Twitter, checking in on my training progress, and suggesting people follow me. Between that and one of my readers (Charlie rides a bike) linking me on the forums, it was very motivational to have some kind words said.

- I am finding mixing in some kind of natural sweet is going to be important for sticking to my food plan. I've been craving sweets slightly more than normal, and while I held it off this weekend, I think it means I need some more fruit.

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