Monday, February 28, 2011

The Week of Awesome - The Conclusion

What a week it was:

- I put together a raffle to help with the fundraising, and some sponsors got on board. Then we got some sponsors, and people have started wanting to get in on this opportunity. Seriously, $10 for a chance at $650 worth of tri gear and Apple goodness?

- Then Jamie "Strong Like" Bull gave me his old bike trainer he replaced with the Super trainer 9000 or something like that (one of the Cycle Ops pro trainers). I got a nice ride in on it last night, but that's getting ahead of myself.

So now you're caught up on last week up through Saturday. We drove Saturday evening down to Hyannis for the Hyannis Marathon on Sunday. Rachelle went to race, I went to watch. Previously, I had thought watching would be more fun than racing when we're doing a long race in the cold, snow, and rain of February. I was wrong. 5 hours of sitting around, even if you have occasional internet access, is not nearly the fun racing is. Several of our Wheelworks teammates participated, and did really well. Several of my blogging friends were there, but unfortunately it didn't work out being able to meet up with them.

But we did accomplish what we set out to do, which was Rach finishing her 2nd marathon. She finished in 4:50, which is great considering how little she trained, and that this course was quite a bit harder than the first marathon she did. Oh, and did I mention this is PR by 10 minutes over her first race? So a heck of a race for my baby, and day of waiting around in the cold for me. Totally worth it though because we had fun, and she did great.

Then as I mentioned above, we came home and I got on the trainer. Not immediately though, because in my first attempt to do so, I realized I had taken a cleat off one of my bike shoes, and having just put my Keo Look pedals on, I sort of needed the cleats to be there. Sitting on the bike and not understanding why I couldn't clip in was sort of humorous. Once I had that issues solved, Chasing legends was on the tube, and off I went. What a great movie for watching while riding. So inspirational. I did between an hour an 90 minutes (Next time I'll use a watch instead of just guessing what time I started after), and really enjoyed it.

- The CEO of LIVESTRONG was kind enough to re-tweet about my raffle to his almost 1 MILLION followers on Twitter, but no one has bought a ticket yet. Hopefully that will change soon, only 15 more days left on the raffle.


  1. I don't have a ton of readers but I did put links to your page and your raffle page on my blog today. I will plug it again in its own post soon.

  2. Hey Ben, I will mention and link up your raffle on my Thursday post. Love the new header.

    Congrats to Rachelle!

  3. Derek, thanks buddy, I appreciate it so much!

    Caratunk - thanks so much!! She really had a good time with it, and isn't nearly as sore or sick as after the last one.