Friday, February 25, 2011

The Week of Awesome: Day 5 (win some awesome prizes!)

So, it's been an awesome week (actually The Week of Awesome) and it's about to get even more awesome.

I wanted to find a reason to have you all get involved in my fundraising for Team Fight. I mean people are constantly asking for money, and most times all we get is the good feeling of helping someone out. Sure, that's great and all, but wouldn't it be nice to get something else for your willingness to help? I looked into what I could come up with, and I got the idea of a raffle. So I reached out to some friends of the site who came up big in helping me put together some prizes.

The boys at Stomach of Anger took a simple statement made in the heat of battle at last years Tour de France and turned it into a really cool shirt company. They were kind enough to offer up one of their sweet Tshirts (winners choice) for free.

Andy Shleck immortalized

Then XTERRA Wetsuits got in on the act. They had already given me a couple mesh wetsuit bags during the Chubsmas Challenge and they stepped up again by providing a code for a free Volt wetsuit. Really, thats a heck of a nice prize.

This Volt wasn't made by Chevy
Next, the folks at H2O Audio wanted to help out, and they came in a big way donating an Amphibx Fit waterproof armband and a pair of Flex waterproof sport earbuds.

Because safety is important, I bought a Rudy Project Kontact+ helmet (Size Large) to include as a prize.

Helmet not pictured actual size

But after looking at the great stuff provided by the vendors, I really needed to have some skin in the game so to speak. So just in time for the announcement of the new iPad, I'm including an Apple gift card worth $199. You can put it towards a new iPad, or buy yourself a shiny new iPhone.

Each donation of $10 before March 15th will count as an entry into the raffle, so if you donate $50, that's 5 entries. Simply click on my Team Fight fundraising link (also at the top of the page) and submit a donation. I'll take every donation and enter it into a spreadsheet and use a random number generator to pick the winners. I'll video the whole process in the interest of full disclosure. I hope you'll seriously consider giving; because I'll appreciate it, the kids will appreciate it,  and these prizes are sweet! Just make sure when you donate, that you choose to be recognized so I can add you to the list.

Prize Pack - Retail value ~$600

$199 Apple Gift Card
H2O Audio Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband
H2O Audio Flex waterproof earbuds
Stomach of Anger T Shirt
Rudy Project Helmet
XTERRA Volt Wetsuit
XTERRA Mesh Drawstring Backpack


  1. Thank you very much for donating Ms. Duffy, it means a lot. I'm excited to be able to do this, and have support in helping a good cause.

  2. I'm always impressed by all the good that we endurance athletes do through our charity entries - but to throw in a seriously HUGE giveaway? You rock. I posted about it, BTW.

  3. Thanks so much for posting about it too. geez, I really have been getting behind on stuff. i still need to add you to my readers that write.