Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good morning!

Hello there all you lovely people!

It's Tuesday, but feels like Monday because of the President's Day holiday. I freely admit I didn't do anything patriotic or in memoriam of the greatness of our greatest presidents. In fact, the only thoughts I had about the day involved trying to decide which nearly-irrelevant holiday provides the better mattress sales; President's Day or Patriots' Day. I would have included Armistice Day, except that's become so irrelevant, they don't even do mattress sales on that day.

I was tired when I woke up this morning, as I didn't sleep great, but seeing a morning of bright sunshine was a great way to get going in the morning. More and more we're seeing sunny days as Boston slowly emerges from the doldrums of winter. Even the couple inches of snow we got the other night was comprised of big fluffy flakes that are actually pretty to see falling through the morning sky.

If I seem sprightly (huh?) or in keen spirits (did I just return from a trip to Ireland with that lingo?), it's in part because I had 3 days away from work that included cleaning my house, my car, a visit from my friend John and his son Owen, and spending 2 straight days with my gorgeous and wonderful wife.

Oh, and I almost forgot; eating well, and hitting the gym. I enjoyed my last weekend of having 2 days off from exercise, and then ripped it up on Monday with a 60 minute brick workout. A short but strong 30 minute bike with increasing resistance followed by my first time running in quite a while, and it went surprisingly well. Not fast, but I was able to do exactly what I planned to do how I planned to do it. Over the next two months I'll be building speed and endurance pointing towards being able to run the entire 5k at the NE Season Opener.


- I'm working on something special for the blog in relationship to the fundraiser I'm doing. I don't want to give away anything yet, but I think it's exciting and I hope readers will as well.

- I've also got something cooking for Wheelworks Multisport Tri Night; I've been charged with finding a speaker, and I'm close to wrapping this up already in a big way.

- Rach is tapering this week, so it's going to fall strictly on me to push myself to the gym each day. I'm excited to go swimming, so staying motivated should be easy.


  1. Nice to read you in good spirits again Ben. I hope this continues throughout the week!

  2. Like so many others Im a lot more fun when Im in a good mood. I think its the season changing. That and things are moving progressively in the right direction :) It's funny because most of the year I am a generally happy person, and I think the seasons do get to me. Maybe Rach and I just need to move somewhere warmer LOL.

  3. Keep up the momentum you have for this week - awesome work. Can't wait to hear about what you have coming down the pike.