Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Week of Awesome: Day 6

(Note: The post with all of the raffle information is now on the linkbar above. Click on "Rev3 Raffle" to see details about all of the prizes. To donate, click on the "Team Fight Fundraising Page". Every $10 donation counts as an entry.)

I rarely post on Saturdays. While I train 6 days a week right now, I think of the blog as a 5 day a week thing. But with The Week of Awesome rolling along still, I figured nows the time to "gut out" an extra post the way you gut out an extra workout in the heaviest weeks of training.

Last week, I ordered and received my copy of Chasing Legends. Last night when I got the mail, inside was another copy of Chasing Legends. After checking to make sure I hadn't ordered a second copy accidentally (I have been guilty in the past of double clicking the "buy" button on web sites), I figured I'd reach out to the folks at Gripped Films to see what they wanted me to do with the extra copy. I told them I'd be happy to return it, but I also let them know about the raffle. Calling it a "lucky coincidence", Chasing Legends producer Ken Bell said he would be more than happy to donate the DVD for the raffle.

I've only had a chance to watch about 20 minutes of my copy of Chasing Legends so far, but it's both gorgeous and intense. Plus there's a whole shload of extra footage on a second DVD included in the package that I can't wait to get to. And it's had Jens Voigt all over it, which makes it truly worthy of being included in The Week of Awesome.

So the prize package now includes the following, and has a retail value of almost $650:

$199 Apple Gift Card
H2O Audio Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband
H2O Audio Flex waterproof earbuds
Stomach of Anger T Shirt
Rudy Project Helmet
XTERRA Volt Wetsuit
XTERRA Mesh Drawstring Backpack
Chasing Legends DVD set

Oh, I mentioned a bike trainer above, didn't I? Jamie Bull got his new trainer in this week, so I'm going to pick up his old trainer at 1 PM. He's been kind enough to hand it down to me, with the words "Now you have one less excuse not to rock it @ Cedar Point". That message alone is enough to make me want to ride for hours!

Now it's time to get in last nights run. I was a bit under the weather in the evening so I had to push the run to this AM. It's cold out, but sunny and not too windy so it's the perfect day to get a run in outdoors. Plus, outdoor runs register with on my garmin, so I'm squeeking closer to earning my first workout reward.


- Thanks so much to all who contributed yesterday. We're now over 10% to my primary fundraising goal for Team Fight. I appreciate you all very much, and I'll do more to thank you all at the end of the raffle. We still have a long way to go, so if you know anyone who can donate, or if you'd be willing to pass along the word, that would be.. well, AWESOME!

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