Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Week of Awesome - Day 3

So, you didn't know this was The Week of Awesome? How in the world didn't you know that? Oh, probably because I didn't decide it was The Week of Awesome until this morning. Why did I decide this was The Week of Awesome? Here's why:

1. Last night was a total trap night: Starving after work, Hockey game I wanted to watch, and it was cold out. At other times, this would be a day I would succumb to poor eating and being lazy. Not last night; i ate a healthy dinner, then after the game did a STRONG 35 minutes on the bike. 9.3 miles, and hit the highest resistance I ever have on the stationary bike for almost 2 minutes.
2. I have been eating healthy, within points, and tracking all of my points.
3. I am working on a SUPER TOP SECRET surprise for the Friday blog that I think will be very exciting.
4. I have been incredibly productive in all areas of my life this week.

The tipping point that made this The Week of Awesome happened last night. I was tasked with finding a speaker for Wheelworks Multisport annual Tri Night, our social/fundraiser to benefit CYCLE Kids. We've had a series of terrific speakers at our events, and I had to make sure to keep pace, and even see if I could raise the bar; which I think I did.

The speaker for Wheelworks Multisport Tri Night 2011 will be Professional Triathlete Cait Snow. Rach and I met her at America's Hometown Thanksgiving 5k 2 years ago, and have followed her career since. She had an absolutely phenomenal 2010 season, including 8th female Pro at the Ironman World Championship, which will give her plenty to talk about along with balancing two pro triathletes training and racing schedules (her husband is pro Tim Snow) along with real life and training in cold New England winters.

What's nice is that it was super easy. Cait is really nice, and was willing to consider it right away, with very little no begging required at all.

It's definitely The Week of Awesome.


  1. Great Job!! LOVING THE ATTITUDE this week

  2. Shes the best, isnt she?! So down to earth too :)

  3. Definitely! So nice. Made me look good with how easy it was to sign her up.