Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And your winner is...

Two things we can be absolutely certain about in this post are:

1. I have the most kind, generous, and supportive friends, readers, and family around.
2. I will never win a blogging award for best video work. (There are some great shots of my nostrils though).

Also, please excuse the rambling, I still have to work on my on-camera presence. So without further ado, please watch this video to see the actual raffle take place.

I've already contacted Derek H., and he is very excited to have won. I'll be sending out his package on Friday, and putting him in contact tonight with the vendors who will be shipping prizes directly to him.

Also, I did the math and with my current donations, I owe another $100 to match your donations at 50% during the raffle period. I'll be making that donation on Friday, with hopefully a little more if I lose some weight this week.

Finally, hanks again to all of you for your donations, and to the wonderful sponsors listed at the top of the page. Because of you, I'm now 1/3rd of the way to my fundraising goal, and I still have several months to get there. Please support them if you're so inclined, as they make fine products and are also good corporate citizens.


  1. ARGH.....Can't believe I missed by one spot.

    LOL. Great work Ben !!!

  2. Lucky Derek! And a very scientific breakdown of the winning pick, lol!

  3. Ms. Duffy - You mean where I said "Someone from the internet?" LOL

    John - So close! Would have saved on postage to be sure!

    Derek - Congrats again!