Monday, March 14, 2011

I feel like a heel, but it's only 36 hours til the raffle ends

Since I last had a chance to blog:

  • I partied hard and long into the night on Friday
  • Wound up with sore feet from walking many miles
  • lost a pound, and then gained 2 pounds
  • BU Women won their regional quarterfinal of the NCAA's and will now go to the Frozen Four
  • Oh, and Japan got rocked by an earthquake and soaked by a tsunami
I didn't get a workout in from Friday to Sunday. I had every intention of running on Friday before the conference, but was glues to the TV as the worries about the tsunami heading to the west coast of the US were intensifying. I did however eat pretty well on all but Sunday, and walked at least 5 miles Friday and Saturday. 

Considering all the opportunities for bad eating and being lazy, I felt like I got through this convention in pretty good shape. No workouts, but frankly with how my feet felt after each day, I couldn't have worked out if I wanted to. Rach and I have a swim, bike, and a lift on tap for tonight.

Finally, as I referenced in the title, the raffle ends at 12:01 AM EDT on 3/16. That means there's just a little less than 36 hours remaining as I type this. I know with the recent and ongoing problems in Japan, that it makes sense to put your money into something that needs help this minute, and I find that tough to argue with. The one point I will make is that once the disaster in Japan has begun healing, and after we've turned our attention as a nation to the next natural disaster; cancer will still be there. Young adults and their families, struggling with this issue will still need help understanding how to best fight this horrible group of diseases. And while these disasters grab and hold our attention, the every day issues will continue to be ongoing for people struggling with cancer in their lives.

I'd also like to point out that as it stands, a $10 donation gives you a 1 in 23 chance of winning the raffle. Those are pretty fantastic odds to win a pretty fantastic prize pack.

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