Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How do you know you're an amateur triathlete?

Living the rock star life as I do, I often forget I am a mere amateur triathlete. While I am blessed with awesome connections (being Retweeted by the CEO of LIVESTRONG even got my cousin's attention on Twitter), my current meager racing skills limit me from reaching the top of the podium. Unless that podium is the chair I need to use to change the lightbulb in the closet. Which I sometimes pretend it is.

Always trying to be helpful, here are the ways I find I am reminded that I am an amateur triathlete:

  • I'm finally putting my Learn Perl in 21 days and Spanish for Dummies books to good use; they're under the front wheel of my bike to keep it level on the trainer.
  • My "official service course" (bike lingo for place your bike is fixed) is my own tool box
  • Some athletes fight to get more aero(dynamic); I'm just struggling to get enough air.
  • I need to gain speed to be Back of Pack
  • Can I still consider it a brick workout if I have a 5 minute break between the bike and run to put the laundry in the dryer?
  • Though several people have recognized me at races (it's not hard to notice someone moving that slowly), no one as of yet has asked me for an autograph.
  • The team car NEVER shows up to change my flats.
I'm sure there are a great many other ways to be reminded you're an amateur triathlete (or any other type of athlete), feel free to share yours in the comments.

Speaking of that brick workout with the laundry break; that actually happened last night. I was really tired after a long day at work, and I've been trying to reduce my caffeine intake. Around 8 PM I gave in and had 6 ounces of Coke Zero so I could motivate myself enough to at least ride the trainer. I had a run scheduled, but I figured 30 minutes on the bike was better than nothing. Getting on the bike rejuvenated me; following the laundry stop in the basement, I put on my cold weather running gear and went outside for my run.

The chill isn't completely gone from the air here in New England, but 40 degrees at 10 PM is a lot better than 20 degrees like it was just a few weeks ago. There's still a lot of slick spots out there, but New Balance actually pays the city to keep the path clean on the Esplanade, and they've mostly done a good job of it. Even as temperatures dropped into the evening last night, the path was wet but not icy.


- Some of my co-workers have been kind enough to indicate they'll be making donations towards TEAM FIGHT, which will hopefully show up in the next day or so.

- I am going to the pool tonight. I've been biking plenty, and the running is on schedule, but once a week in the pool is not enough.


  1. Keep up the good work, Ben!

  2. I remember I'm amatuer when I am more obsessed about how to NOT look like a man on weight days and when the talking and laughing stops during pack rides I frown & think oh, this is gonna suck- this isn't a *social* ride?

  3. When you still call the transition area the "rest area"