Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eat less, lose weight, who knew?

This post will be short and to the point; I lost 2 pounds yesterday. And I didn't work out. I simply counted my points, consumed healthy foods, and most importantly ate healthy potions of those foods. I was supposed to have a recovery day on Monday, but I really wanted to ride, so I switched it to yesterday.

I recognize that the weight loss is a combination of my body recovering and burning some fat to recover glycogen stores, but I know too that the portion control is really where the weight loss I am desperate to achieve will come from. While all of those meal plans talk about feeling full, I know that going to bed feeling a little bit hungry is what's going to help me with my weight loss. Because if there isn't food there to digest, my body will find the nourishment it needs in the fat I have been carrying around. 

Because I messed around with my schedule and I don't want to miss any workouts, tonight I'm swimming and running, and depending on how I feel, maybe getting in a bike ride as well. I'd love to be riding outside today, but it doesn't seem to fit with our schedule as currently planned.


  1. Sounds like you have yourself back on track both workout-wise and nutrition-wise. Keep up the good work! Positive results can be very motivating!

  2. CONGRATS!! That is so awesome. It must feel so good!

    I need to work on portion control in a big way. That is my #1 problem now as far as weight loss goes.

  3. Anonymous - Thanks, things are moving the right way.

  4. Mandy - you'll totally get it Im sure!

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