Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's the day!

Well, this raffle has flown by fast, and as I type this, around 11 hours are left for folks to get in on it. As it stands, a $10 donation has a 1 in 28 chance of winning the prize. To clarify, neither myself nor my family members donations are eligible to win the prize. If you have already donated, I want to thank you very much for your help. If you have yet to donate, today is your last chance. I'll be closing the raffle at 12:01 AM 3/16.

Now that's out of the way, I can stop feeling like I work for a Public Television station for a while and talk about the really cool stuff. I did a KICK ASS swim workout last night. 1000 yards, so it wasn't high volume, but it was high intensity. The warmup was 400 free, and while I did that fairly slow, I did it without breaks. Considering my last swim was a couple weeks ago, I felt like going 400 non-stop was pretty good.

Then we had 8x25, alternating between 25 easy and 25 hard. I felt really strong during this interval in particular. The workout called for rest periods every 25, but I only rested every 50. And I beat Rach for each 50, which definitely felt good. I swim several 25 yd segments in under 25 seconds, so I was pretty happy with that.

The last 400 of the work out was really brutal 4x100, with increasing difficulty. It broke down like this:

  • 75 easy, 25 hard
  • 50 easy, 50 hard
  • 25 easy, 75 hard
  • 100 hard
My arms felt like rubber after those and the 100 hard was really more like a relative "100 hard". I was really happy with the outcome though, and I'd have some stats to show for it if I had remember to bring my Swimsense with me to the pool. I'm hoping to do that same workout later this week, capture the data, and do it again in a month to check for improvements. 

Tonight, we're doing a group run from one of the sporting goods stores nearby. When I say we, I mean Rach, because I'll be dropped off the back right away, but that's alright. We have a chance to win prizes and such, so it's worth it.

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