Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why you should donate to my raffle

So, I'm not exactly good at begging. But with just 6 days to go left in the raffle, and a pretty awesome prize pack for the winner, it's time to pull out all the stops. So here are the many reasons to donate/enter the raffle.
  • Like NPR, I keep having to interrupt my normal silliness with fundraising posts until I meet my goals.  
  • I will lose 1 poundand donate $10 for every $20 donated by someone other than myself. So far I've lost 6 pounds.
  • Donate $50 or more, and you can submit a dare. I'll do it, so long as it doesn't break laws or seriously offend someone
  • I don't want to have to sell off our prized hamster Lil' Wingels in order to meet my donation minimum
  • Because I'll do you proud by finishing an Ironman distance race.
  • Do it for Rebecca Tabat, Rachelle's cousin who was too sweet of a girl to be gone this soon. 
  • Because the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults does good things for people who really can use the help. Between college scholarships for students with cancer, patient navigation services, one on one or group support programs, university outreach, and even helping kids set up websites to share their journey; Ulman Cancer Fund is a charity worth donating to
  • Because Rachelle is always telling me to spend less time blogging and more time cleaning. If you donate, I can go clean Lil' Wingels cage.
  • I'll have more time to train and therefore will fare better in all my races
  • Because you're a nice person
So that's what I've got for now. I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple vendors who might be able to add some items to the prize pack last minute. Now it's time for me to go spend an hour on my bicycle.

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  1. Its lil Wangles. I hope you remember our kids' names.