Monday, March 7, 2011

The Week of REALLY Awesome! (and a post full of lists)

If the week before last was "The Week of Awesome"; this is going to be the week of "REALLY Awesome". We have a ton going on, and it's going to be fun:

  • Work was bad for a while there, but has improved. I'm expecting a good week, and am going in with a positive attitude (I find that helps a lot!)
  • BU Women's Hockey (the team Rach is the Athletic Trainer for) gets to host their game for the first round of the NCAA Championship Saturday at 3.
  • PAX East, the big video game conference here in Boston is Friday-Sunday. I have the day off on Friday to be at the conference, so I get a short work week to boot. Several friends are coming into town this week, with the notable exception of Chuck, who still owes me a certain singing video. (Ive not been on him about this because I owed him a couple game reviews til this past weekend)
This past week was also pretty good:
  • I lost 3 pounds, and therefore put another $30 towards my donation total. Im down 6 pounds now, and I'm on track to hit the goal that should have me wearing my wetsuit comfortably by the end of April. 
  • I've almost reached the 15% goal in fundraising. Still a long way to go, but lots of progress.
  • I did 52 miles total workout last week, 3 bikes, 3 runs. I took 2 days off, and still had 6 workouts. No swim though. Gotta get on that. 
I'm still working on getting an official plan to follow for the rest of Half-Iron and Rev3 training. Right now, I'm just sort of ramping up mileage, throwing in bike intervals as I feel I have it in me. I've basically been listening to my body, going hard when I think I can, and occasionally when I know I can't (Shut up legs!)

It's going to be a busy week, but I have a plan for you guys:
  • Tommorrow, I'm going to share with you some stuff I want. Not necessarily stuff I'll ever own, but stuff I'd love to buy if money grew on trees; or at least on 1 tree, and I owned that tree.
  • Weds, A list of reasons why you should donate to my raffle (with hopefully a couple surprises)
  • Thursday, we'll talk about how this triathlon season will be different from last year
You'll notice there's no Friday on the list. That's because I probably won't have a Friday post because of PAX East. 

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