Monday, March 28, 2011

The Tale of Two Bennys

In Chales Dickens famous "A Tale of Two Cities", we see parallels drawn between the French revolution and life in London during the same period of time. Today's post will make a similar comparison in A Tale of Two Bennys (it both kind of rhymes with cities and happens to be Rach's nickname for me).

Benny A: Benny A had the kind of weekend he could only have imagined a scant 4 years ago: Friday night he swam for 40 minutes getting in nearly 1 miles worth of distance in the pool. Saturday he did a nice hard 45 minute effort on the trainer with medium resistance. Sunday, he really got after it; a hard 30 minute trainer ride followed by a moderate 25 minute run. Then following a couple hours of time spent in compression socks, he headed out for his first mountain bike ride of the year. 30 minutes in the saddle split between easy single track and the paved bike trail.

Benny B: Benny B made sure he didn't go hungry this weekend. Saturday night he had a big plate of spagetti. Sunday, he took his wife out for her birthday lunch, where he had 3 glasses of coke, 3 fairly large potato skins, some fried crabmeat ravioli, and about 10 chicken wings. Sunday night after the lunch wore off, he had a half peanut butter sandwich and a few chips.

Clearly Benny A and Benny B are the same person; and I think the above illustrates succinctly why my weight loss has been so slow to come. Based on the info I have, my calories out were still greater than my calories in. Further, this doesn't take into account any digestive delays (if you catch my meaning). But with just 6 weeks until the season opener, I really can't afford to continue to eat like this basically every weekend. With the Men's Frozen Four and the trip to Foxwoods coming up, I have some challenges yet to overcome. I broke even on weight from friday until monday AM, which considering the amount of work was a letdown, but considering the food choices is probably a blessing.

While there are some negatives to take from this weekend, there were also some huge positives: Just look at all the work Benny A did. And while the legs were pretty tired after 90 total minutes of work on Sunday, the fact that I'm raring to go today shows real promise for my increased fitness. Sadly, today is a recovery day, so I not only have to watch what I eat, but I can't go work out either. I guess I better enjoy my rest days when I have them, because they are pretty few and far between from here on out.


- Today is Rachelle's birthday, so if you follow her on her blog, on twitter, or on facebook, take a moment to wish her a happy birthday if you would be so kind. Also, she's written her feelings about being a part of a national championship game, and coming out on the wrong side of it. Once she gets the pictures in place, she'll post it and I'll link it.

- I am really hungry today.

- lastly, I still owe my almost $100 to match your donations to the fundraising project, which I assure you will occur this week. Just got a bit behind with all of the travel and such.

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  1. It sounds like Benny B is rebelling against Benny A.

    To put it bluntly, I also find it a little unsettling that you can even justify that any kind of caloric burn will make up for eating so much crap. It isn't like you over-indulged in anything super healthy.

    You know I'm cheering you on Benny, but it sure sounds like you need to find a way to take care of yourself a little more. It would be an awesome present to give your wife.